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General Information

You can now earn up to 3% commission running your own Virtual Currency Shops "powered by VirWoX".

The commission you receive is based on the total exchange volume of your shops in the past 30 days, according to the following schedule:

Exchange Volume
(last 30 days)
≥ 01.0%
≥ 500,0001.5%
≥ 1,000,0002.0%
≥ 2,000,0002.5%
≥ 4,000,0003.0%

You just need a registered and validated VirWoX user who will receive the commission. Log in as this user and follow the instructions below.

Second Life Shops

If you have land in the Second Life virtual world, you can place our in-world currency shop objects.

Second Life Shops

The objects are automatically activated and assigned to you when you rez them. Please place the objects at highly visible locations, but only where you are allowed to do so (i.e. on your own land, rented space, or on other places where the owner has given you permission. Do not place them in sandboxes!).

All Objects are on display at our Second Life headquarters, which are located in Frankfurt City. There you can also "buy" them for 0 L$.

If you are already a VirWoX partner, you can also have them sent directly to your inventory by clicking on the button below.

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Web Shops

If you have a web site, blog, or social page, you can add shop elements like the one on the right.

Users will be sent directly to the selected payment provider. The Linden Dollars will be sent instantly to the specified avatar. No registration is necessary.

HTML embed code:

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