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The VirWoX server has been built using a modern service-oriented architecture, in order to achieve a high degree of scalability and reliablilty. In fact, it has been running 24/7 since 2008 and processing millions of transactions without a glitch.

As an additional benefit of this modular architecture, we can now open our internal interfaces to third-party developers who wish to access the VirWoX server from their own applications or products, or to build new exciting applications that require programmatic access to a virtual currency exchange. VirWoX is the first and only exchange for virtual currencies with an open programming interface.

We offer three APIs (Application Programming Interfaces): The Basic API for simple, anonymous, and read-only access, the Trading API for automatic trading on the exchange, and the more MicroPayment API for accepting payments (see below).

Basic API

The Basic API offers read-only access to real-time and historical market data. Typical applications include:

  • display of current exchange rates on Web pages (e.g. widgets) or in-world
  • currency calculators (Web or in-world) using up-to-date exchange rates
  • integration of current exchange rates with in-world items such as vendors or rental boxes
  • advanced graphs of historical price and volume
  • an alert service that sends an alarm message when a specified exchange rate is reached

Access to the Basic API is anonymous and does not require a VirWoX account.

The API documentation is available at (English).

Trading API

The Trading API gives developers access to the exchange functionality and the market liquidity offered by VirWoX. It also includes the methods of the Basic API. The main applications of the Trading API are:

  • Automatic trading on the VirWoX exchange ("trading bots").
  • Integration of virtual currency exchange functionality into other services.
  • Alternative user interfaces for the VirWoX exchange.

For using the Trading API you will need a VirWoX account, and an application key.

The API documentation is available at (English).

MicroPayment API (NEW: Version 2.1)

The MicroPayment API gives developers access to the payment functionality implemented by VirWoX. While this API has been designed for payments in virtual worlds such as Second Life or OpenSim Hypergrid, in can in fact be used for all kind of payments and is not limited to virtual worlds. The main applications of the Micropayment API are:

  • Accepting (virtual) money from VirWoX users for the purchase of (virtual) goods and services, either in-world or on a website.
  • Sending (virtual) money to VirWoX users or directly to avatars or other payment systems.
  • Accepting payments in real-world currency from a variety of payment providers, and automatic conversion to virtual currency. NEW: Earn commission from this conversion (see Section 1.2 of the API documentation)!

For using the MicroPayment API you will need a VirWoX account, and an application key.

The API documentation is available at (English).

User Contributions

If you have developed something interesting using our API that you are willing to share with others, we would like to hear from you, and would be happy to publish your code on this page.

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