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About Sofortbanking

SOFORT Banking ( is a new, innovative payment method with TÜV certificate and transaction security conforming to TÜV standards. was developed by SOFORT AG and is already being used in numerous online shops in Germany.

Via the secure Payment Network AG payment form which is not accessible to vendors, SOFORT Banking activates an automatic remittance in real time from your online bank account. In this way, the purchase amount is transferred instantly and deposited directly into the bank account of the vendor.

Using SOFORT Banking to fund your VirWoX account offers the following advantages:

  • In contrast to an ordinary bank transfer, which usually takes 2-3 bank working days, money transferred via is credited to your VirWoX account immediately, and can be converted to Linden Dollars immediately.
  • While banks do not work on weekends, Sofortbanking is available 24/7. Payments are processed automatically and immediately.
  • There is less effort required to make a payment, and you cannot make typing mistakes. Our account information is inserted automatically, as well as your VirWoX user information, so that we can automatically process your payment. You just have to entered the desired amount to transfer on our web site, and your account details on the Sofortbanking site.
  • There is no need to register for this service.
  • You do not need a credit card.

We do not want to hide a little disadvantage:

  • For this service, and the guaranteed payment to our bank account, SOFORT AG charges a small fee of 2.5% of the deposited amount, but at least 0.25 Euros (for amounts below 10 Euro), which wil be deducted from your deposit.

Notice of liability in privacy violation cases
The "SOFORT Banking" service (TÜV certified online payment system) has so far not experienced any privacy violation Nevertheless, we would like to point out to you that, there are many banks which presume that use of the "Sofortbanking" service leads to a transfer in liability in the event of a privacy violation by a third party because you made use of your PIN and TAN. This can lead to a situation where, in the event of a privacy violation, your bank may refuse to compensate for the loss and you will end up having to carry the loss. As a precautionary measure therefore, the operator of the "Sofortbanking" service, SOFORT AG, has taken out an insurance policy in your favour which replaces financial losses incurred through misuse of private information in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policy. By this means you shall be protected from potential liability risks as far as the terms and conditions of our insurance policy apply to your case.

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