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What is the Open Metaverse Currency (OMC)?

The Open Metaverse Currency (OMC) is a virtual currency. Its currency unit is the Open Metaverse Cent (OM¢). It is used to buy or sell virtual goods or services in virtual environments (worlds).

Unlike other virtual currencies it is accepted in a number of such worlds, not just one. Specifically, it is compatible with the OpenSim HyperGrid. This means you can go shopping with your avatar in any of the OMC-enabled grids, and pay in a single virtual currency from a single account. And if you run a business in one of those grids, you can receive OMC from users all around the hypergrid.

Payments made in OMC are free of charge for both the sender and the recipient.


Your virtual money is not really transferred between the OpenSim servers (which should not be considered a safe environment). Instead, it is kept securely in your VirWoX account, and every payment made in the virtual environment has to be authorized on our secure website with your username and password. Please be careful to choose a strong password and make sure that you enter it only on the VirWoX website!

The website also offers detailed reporting of payments sent and received. If you use multiple identities (avatars), you will need separate VirWoX accounts for them, but it is easy (and free) to send OMC from one account to another.

Exchange to other currencies

OMC can be bought or sold for real-world currencies such as EUR and USD. It is also possible to directly exchange Second Life Lindens (SLL) for OMC and vice versa.

Where can I use the Open Metaverse Currency?
Currently, 12 regions in the following OpenSim grids use OMC as their virtual currency:
4DWeb Vip Avatar
AnSky GridAspire EternalsAvalonia Estate
Avatar HangoutAviDomeAvWorlds
Craft WorldCreated WorldsDreamnation
FrancoGrid - Metavers 3D FrancophoneGay NationsGermanGrid
GiantGridGreat Canadian GridGridNirvana
GridNirvanaHypergrid MallIsland Oasis
Jamland OpensimulatorLes Nouveaux MondesLogicamp
Lost ParadiseMy3dLifeneuland
Oneworld GridOSgridPiratesAtoll
PiratesAtollPixelGridrencontre francophone
Shiawase GridSIMVALLEYSirinHGpole
SpeculoosStargatesMatrixTalentRaspel (Wilder Westen)
The SecondLearning GridTwisted SkyUFSGrid
UniverseGridVetgridVirtual Realms Grid
Virtual Worlds Gridvirtyou MainGridWorld4US
WorldSimTerraYour Alternative LifeYourSimSpot
Even if your avatar's grid is not (yet) listed, you can still buy or sell virtual goods in above grids, provided that you can teleport there.

Economic Statistics

This page contains up-to-date and historic data on the size and performance of the Open Metaverse Economy, i.e. the part of the OpenSim Hypergrid which has adopted the Open Metaverse Currency (OMC) as virtual currency.

Demo Video (by Graz University of Technology)

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