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Current Terminal Status


Ready Isle of Wisdom (168,155,352)Ready Satbyeul (154,228,53)Ready Houghton (81,223,123)
Ready Picus (118,215,1001)Ready Ecliptic (37,204,96)Ready Give (93,42,30)
Ready Ivanpah (247,251,50)Ready Cleary (206,38,109)Ready Sentry (150,253,113)
Ready Tarcadia (163,95,772)Ready Brownkin (153,119,73)Ready Lemontal (47,100,502)
Down Abiss (209,177,23)

Important security information on using our terminals can be found here.

New Terminals

If you own a suitable location for a new VirWoX Terminal, please click here for information how to get one. A VirWoX Terminal can generate additional traffic (via this page) and additional purchasing power for your parcel.

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